Fully Automated Solution By Hardware & Software Integration

Point of Sale - POS

Tachyon’s state of the art Point of Sale software is a fully automated hardware and software solution that is the perfect solution for hypermarkets, in order to automate their entire sales process. The integration process is seamless.

Weighing Scale Integration

Tachyon’s weighing scale enables hypermarkets to easily weigh their products, select the product being weighed and the scale automatically updates the price for you! You can then generate a printable barcode for your SmartSop Pro POS software.

Bar or QR Code Based Inventory

Keep track of your inventory by utilizing Tachyon’s Bar code or QR code printing and scanning solution! Once a product is sold and the bar code is scanned on the POS, the inventory automatically updates in the background. This allows you to keep track of your inventory with ease.

Our Special Features

Cloud Storage

Tachyon’s Cloud Storage solution provides its users with the option of being able to access the database remotely from any location at any time! Cloud storage also ensures much more reliability and security than offline storage solutions making this solution an excellent choice for Hypermarkets.

Multiple Branch

With Tachyon’s Multiple Branch solution, you can manage the accounts and inventory of multiple branches all from one location. This feature is an excellent add on for hypermarkets operating in multiple locations.

Multiple Currency

While running a business in a different country, dealing and keeping track of multiple currencies can oftentimes be very challenging. Tachyon’s Multiple currency solution aims at facilitating its users by easily allowing them to operate with current prices on SmartShop Pro software.

Multiple Company

If you’re running multiple companies, managing inventory and different accounts can be a very difficult process. Keep track of each and every aspect of your inventory and accounts by utilizing Tachyon’s software solutions.

User Management

SmartShop Pro User’s Management allows you to assign multiple user roles with ease. You can now set up permissions for each section of the software, for example marketing, HR, accounts etc.

Promotional SMS

With SmartShop Pro SMS module, SMS marketing has never been easier! You can now easily keep track of your customer base and send them offers for discounts, send in greetings and store updates via text message. Text messages to thousands of customers are just one click away.

Inventory Management

Automate your sales process and track each and keep a record of each and every inventory change.

Monitor your physical & software stock progress and adjustments easily using our SmartShop Pro software solution.

Need to give a quotation to a prospective client? Create a quotation instantly without any hassle.

Update all variances in your stock under related specific product by utilizing our custom designed SmartShop Pro software solution.

Keep track of your purchase items and costs by using our interactive software solution.

Our SmartShop Pro software allows you to keep track of your damaged stock and goods in our software inventory.

Generate Purchase Orders instantly using our state-of-the-art SmartShop Pro software.

Keep track of your productions by utilizing our productions feature in our SmartShop Pro software.

Automatically update your inventory in case of any returns easily.

Transferring your stock to another branch of  your business? Not a problem. Transfer stock through your Smartshop Pro software.

Our SmartShop Pro software allows you to generate Delivery Notes with ease in no time!

With our managed inventory option, keep track of each aspect of your item history.


Generate receipts within seconds! Tachyon’s SmartShop Pro facilitates fast transactions easily.

Maintain complete balance sheet records on your system with ease by using our SmartShop Pro software.

Inform your buyer of your debit obligations with just a click of a button.

Maintain the list of your assets securely through Tachyon’s SmartShop Pro accounting solution.

Keep track of your trial balance book keeping worksheet through our SmartShop Pro software.

Generate payment within seconds! Tachyon’s SmartShop Pro facilitates fast transactions easily.

Maintain your day book by utilizing the respective module on the system seamlessly.

Looking to give a credit note to your customers? Our software makes the entire process a lot easier.

Maintain general ledgers of all types with ease through our accounting solution.

Keep a record of your business profitable or not in Profit and Loss accounts securely on our SmartShop Pro software.

Looking to generate a Journal Voucher? We’ve got you covered.

Monitor everything from cash flows to debit & credit by utilizing Tachyon’s SmartShop Pro software.

Utilize your Contra general ledgers accounts with easy by utilizing the accounting module in the system.

Jot down cheque clearance dates and get reminders through our SmartShop Pro software.

Reconcile accounts on the go with ease by utilizing our extensive software solution.